Software development

The Institute of Information and Communication Technologies provides services for the development of software and hardware-software solutions of varying complexity: from typical tasks to high-tech comprehensive systems:

desktop applications for Windows/Linux/Mac OS operating systems;
mobile applications for iOS and Android operating systems;
information resources (promotional pages, landing page, business card sites, corporate sites);
high-loaded information portals and services, web applications;
systems of automation and control of technological and business enterprise processes;
information and telecommunication systems;
intelligent navigation and control systems;
intelligent adaptive information security management systems;and many other solutions.

By developing any product, we do not just implement an applied tool, but also bring scientific novelty, which increases its reliability, fault tolerance and information security. Accordingly, in a comparative analysis with alternative solutions, our developments are significantly ahead of their analogs.

Architecture design, as well as the choice ofa modern technology stack is carried out individually for each project.

A comprehensive methodology for organizing and maintaining the technological pipeline for the development of software and hardware-software solutions DevSecOps is used.
The necessary techniques are adapted for each project: from continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI / CD), version control, project and configuration management to infrastructure as code and continuous monitoring.
The quality of the products, as well as the comprehensive information security is ensured by automated testing. Agile software development techniques are applied. A convenient user interface is designed and implemented, as well as a coherent image of a product is ensured.
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