The structure of the IICT

1. Management:

Director Basinya Evgeny Alexandrovich,
PhD, prof. (e-mail:

2. Academic Council.

Scientific secretary

3. Administrative departmentsand services

(bookkeeping, planning and financial
department, legal department etc).

4. Scientific and innovative departments:

Scientific research department
Leading scientific consultant: Ph.D.,
prof. Frantsuzova Galina Alexandrovna
Design department
Head of department: Malyshkin Nikolay Alexandrovich
Innovation and Technology Department Leading scientific consultant: Ph.D.,prof. Chikildin Gennady Pavlovich(e-mail:
Department of Software Engineering  InformationTechnologies laboratories (SaN, IS, SA, DT)
Head of department: Ph.D., prof. Khudiakov Dmitriy Sergeevich(e-mail:

5. Customer service center:

Innovative consulting department
Postgraduate courses department
Applications department for scientific research, software and hardware implementation
Scientific secretary